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Our New-ish Normal

During this unprecedented time, a lot of people are working from home, many unemployed while figuring out life at home, and students are studying and “schooling” from home. Everyone across the world has felt the impact of COVID-19 impact their everyday lives in some way, and it has been a drastic change. Nevertheless, learning does not stop. There is so much to learn and so many opportunities to learn even while at home! Those parents and guardians who have this extra time at home to spend with their children should most definitely use this time to teach children not only academic lessons but home economic skills.

Home economic skills appear to have decrease substantially within the last fifty years. With the extra home time, teach your children great practical life skills such as cooking, sewing, and even proper cleaning. With all the proper technology right at our fingertips these days, you and your at home student(s) can take online classes and watch videos on these topics. Maybe even learn something new together! Our tutorial program now offers virtual tutorial via Zoom and Skype. This option allows parents/guardians to ensure their child continues to receive one-on-one academic support from experienced tutorial instructors. Virtual tutoring may help keep students’ minds sharp and prevent learning loss. Come on parents and students, let’s finish strong!

Share with us your COVID-19 creative stories of how you’ve helped your child continue learning while at home. Looking for more information about our virtual tutoring program? Call us at 912 220-7721, or send us an email at


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