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Top 3 Online Resources for Elementary and Secondary Level Math & Reading

The most significant wow factor that I’ve noticed with education today is the use of technology. As I reflect on my grade school days, I have realized so much has changed in the public and private school arenas as it relates to how educators teach students. Even just a mere ten years ago, textbooks were a primary educational resource tool. However, textbooks are perhaps a thing of the past and in many cases replaced by laptops, tablets, and smart boards. About half of my students don’t even use textbooks anymore, Many students rely on some form of technology to complete assignments. I’m still in awe of this change and have a hard time accepting it. Nevertheless, whether I admit it or not, this is the reality of education today and its only getting stronger as more resources are added. Here are my top three online resources that has helped me connect student-based learning and technology:

YouTube. YouTube has been one of my best friends (figuratively speaking) while tutoring. My students love the idea of learning through video representation. YouTube has many helpful videos on math and reading that engages students while breaking down tough concepts for young learners to understand. From catchy songs to animated characters, YouTube is undoubtedly one of my go-to resources.

Eureka Math. Some of my fifth and sixth graders have Eureka math worksheets for homework, but there are times when they do not know how to do the assignments or can’t quite remember how it was taught in school. So, I use Eureka math videos to help break down problems and reiterate the most effective ways to get to an answer. Eureka math has skilled teachers and professionals who post the videos, which are free to the public. No signing in is required which makes viewing content more accessible and quicker. is a resource that provides worksheets, lesson ideas, fun practice games, and ideas for teachers and educators. There is a small monthly fee which requires a subscription, but it is well worth it. I use this website to print out worksheets for students, and educational games. They also provide lesson plan ideas and presentations.

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