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A Summer Comeback

Most students in Chatham County are down to their last week of virtual school. These last two weeks, many parents and guardians are wondering about the unknown of summer school, if any, and how things may be in our new normal world. Now that social distancing practices have been set in place, it should be very interesting to see what upcoming summer camps will look like. Before getting ahead of ourselves, let's take a reflection on what has been learned during this very unusual rollercoaster themed academic year.

The tutorial students have definitely learned a lot, while gradually growing in many areas. Though there is still much room for improvement, the maturity level has gotten somewhat better. Two of our students have improved in math and science, which is always great news! This is especially special due to the constant changes the tutoring program has experienced this year; One of them being our math instructors. We did unfortunately lose two of our math instructors since August, but have graciously earned a new one! As we continue growing our tutoring program, the value and quality of ensuring the students have the best academic support will always be the tutoring center's highest priority. Let us know how homeschooling with your children is going for you, and what you've done to adjust to this new normal. In the meantime, enjoy your summer, and stay safe. Take care everyone!


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