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Mental health is something that should not be overlooked during these trying times for students. It can be hard to focus on schoolwork while also being stressed anxious or even sad from the effects of COVID and regular life grievances. In understanding a student’s typical demeanor, you can recognize, and notice changes in their mental health happening early on. More schools have been advocating for students to reach out for help when needed, even if it is not related to their academics. A quote that resonates with many is that one must “never suffer in silence”. In younger students, it may be easier to help them with issues they may struggle with. They tend to be more vocal, but do not always know exactly what is wrong or how to ask for help. Older students, on the other hand, tend to be less vocal yet have a deeper understanding of their emotions. To ensure your student is aware of their emotions and how to healthily respond to them, I have attached a link to a video that is fun and interactive for all age levels.



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