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Sick of Being Sick

One thing you learn about working in classroom settings is that the germ level is at
an all-time high! From runny noses to coughing and sneezing, this is no fun to be around. As the seasons change from hot to cold, so can your immune system. It is vital to strengthen your body’s immune system. Let’s discuss some healthy habits and nutritional additives that can give your body an extra boost to fight against contagious infections and viruses.
Spray Zone. Purchasing Lysol spray is a significant first step to help kill many harmful bacteria. Try spraying the classroom, doorknobs, tables, and any other frequently touched items in the classroom/bathroom areas. Lysol or other antibacterial wipes are a great addition too. Use these to wipe down tables and other nonporous items as well.
Vitamins. Taking daily vitamin supplements may help to boost immune system functions. Try multivitamins, which include Vitamin C, B12, D, E, Zinc, and Folic Acid. Remember to consult with your physician first on which ones are best for you.
Natural Remedies. Many people are hopping on the natural/organic train to support their bodies. Can’t blame them at all! A lot of critical nutrients to aid in bodily functions come from many fruits, veggies, greens, and nuts. Green leafy vegetables, fruits high in Vitamin C, and fermented beans or sprouts should be highly considered for adding to your food regime. Elderberry, Echinacea, and Turmeric are said to increase your immune system functions too.

Let’s kick Fall and Winter’s butt with these great tips! What healthy tips would you add in addition to these?

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