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Student Teacher Relationships

The most important relationship a student will have in their career is a student-teacher relationship. Nine times out of ten, a student will spend more time with their teachers than they will with their own parents. With this being said, it is extremely important that a teacher knows how to connect with each individual student at any point in the day. A simple misunderstanding between a student and their teacher can alter their entire learning experience for the school day. The best way to create a thriving relationship with a student is to simply speak with them. I emphasize speaking with them and not to them because more often than not, students don’t feel heard and the only way you can mold practical communication skills is by modeling it. Each student is different, which also means that you must use a different approach to help them reach their full potential. Various methods could even include your style of teaching or your tone of voice when addressing an issue. A relationship with a student also consists of a relationship with that student's parent(s). When you connect with a parent, you can better involve a student as well as better their overall learning experience. It’s extremely important that at all times a parent knows where their child is currently standing academically. An educator alone cannot control the full outcome of a student's success. To better your relationship with your child's teacher try being more involved in academic activities going on at school while also volunteering at your child's school so that you’re able to get a feel for what their learning environment is like.

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