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The Benefits of Reading

Reading is one of the most vital things in a child’s life from the very moment that they begin developing. Oftentimes we hear of parents reading to their fetus and newborns,but once children reach school age, parent-to-child reading seems to decline or fall out of the daily routine. You can aid your child to be the best reader possible by consistently reading to them as well as having them read to you in return.

The fundamentals of reading include pronouncing words, sounds and punctuation correctly whether you are reading for fun or for pleasure. In the past year,students have likely read more than they have in most of their education careers since everything is more independent and virtual. To ensure you are a good reader in your adult years, read things that will broaden your vocabulary, shift your perspective. By doing so,you can ensure that your student becomes an avid reader as well. I encourage every parent and educator to give students things to read that can relate to their lives or things that will inspire them. The current youth have all the tools available to be some of the best readers our world has seen and to do so, we must first lead the way. 


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