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The use of proper grammar is essential to the success of students. Many students pick up “bad grammar” or incorrect use of certain language techniques due to their home environment and everyday methods of speaking. Speaking correct grammar around your student will ensure that they can communicate and understanding their peers, teachers and almost everyone else around them. Subject-verb agreement is something even adults struggle with long after finishing school,but there is a basic trick/lesson to always keep in your mind to help you speak,communicate, and understand the world around you. Subjects and verbs must agree in numbers. This is as simple as “she writes everyday”. If I were to make this sentence plural, I would change the subject and make it plural to agree with the verb. The new sentence would be “they write every day.” If the subject is plural, the verb must also be plural. If the verb is singular,then the subject must always be singular. Think of subject verb agreement as a matching game and you will never have any problems.

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