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    is available for students in K-12 in all subjects

    Enrichment support enables students to practice, master, and stay up to date and ahead of their academic studies.


    This is appropriate do students who have minor difficulties with academics. It is also suggested for students who need additional practice, study skills, or who are preparing for academic or standardized tests. This is a fantastic way for students to review!

    Homework Help
    is available for students in K-12 in all subjects

    Homework Help is a way for students to complete classroom homework while also building skills aligned with current classroom concepts.

    This is appropriate for students who are struggling in a single subject, and/or who need only assistance with homework completion. An assurance homework will get done. Students receive additional perspective on the topic, additional tasks and problems to complete in order to enhance learning, and much more.

    Intervention &

    is available for students in K-12 in all subjects

    Intervention is the effective for re-teaching of material not previously mastered when it was originally taught.
    This is appropriate for students working below grade level and in need of building basic skills. Student receives individualized learning plans and delivery of information. Materials are chosen specifically for the student’s particular needs.

    Students are assessed before beginning the program and throughout the program to measure growth and retention.

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    As we move into the month of April, things tend to shift a bit inside of students' classrooms with the approach the end of another school year. This year things such as standardized testing will be drastically different from what we are used to seeing. Though
    students may feel relief from not having to participate in standardized testing, they may begin to lack those important test taking skills needed to be successful in the future. To combat this, be sure your student is taking time to answer timed questions and but also at their own pace. The questions can range from reading comprehension all the way to algebra. Once a student reaches high school, even some middle schools, they will need to know how to prepare, take and reflect on tests ranging from the end of chapter test all the way up to the PSA/ASVAB.

    For some, tests will bring about anxiety, and maybe even physical discomfort due to long sitting times. For other students, however, it can boost their confidence and even excite them to learn more about the material they are being tested on. Ultimately, you want to create a student that can comprehend the knowledge you are giving to them while also developing/sharpening their critical thinking skills which will take them places far outside of the classroom. This is a job both educators and parents must team up on to create deliberate success for young minds.



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    Fundamentals Review: Order of Operations


    Practice With Quadratic Equations


    Quadratic Equations


    Interpreting Charts and Graphs


    More Geometry With Circles


    Properties of Circles


    Ratios & Proportions


    Solving Systems of Linear Equations II: Substitution


    Solving Systems of Linear Equations, Part I


    Graphing Linear Equations



    Properties of Triangles

    Math Facts Multiplication Part 2

    Math Facts Multiplication Exercise

    Order of Operations

    Measures of Central Tendency

    Basics of Algebra:
    Substitution and Solving

    Basics of Algebra: Balancing Equations Part II


    Basics of Algebra:
    Balancing Equations

    Change to Decimals: Expressing Decimals with Number Lines

    Change to Decimals - Number Lines


    Change to Decimals - Relative Value to 1/2


    A Question of Triangles


  • English Language Arts

    Intro to Verse Forms, Part II

    Intro to Verse Forms, Part I

    Parts of a Verb, Part II

    Parts of a Verb, Part I

    Rhetorical & Poetic Devices

    Grammar: Prepositional Phrases

    Grammar: Homophones

    Parts of Speech

    Parts of Speech: Adjectives, Adverbs, and Conjunctions

    Grammar: Subjects and Predicates

  • History

    Classical Mythology Part I: The Gods

    The US Constitution, Part V

    The US Constitution, Part IV

    The US Constitution, Part III

    The US Constitution, Part II

    The US Constitution, Part I

  • Science

    The Moon, Part I

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