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    Monroe Langston Tutoring Program provides expertise, experience, and encouragement. Monroe Langston Tutoring Program does not provide “answers” but rather assist the student in problem solving and discovering how to achieve their intended goal.

    Monroe Langston Tutoring Program is individually tailored to meet the specific needs of each student. This enables our students to advance their skills. We are committed to each child's progress and offer an open-ended commitment to our student’s success. Our students benefit from Monroe Langston Tutoring Program by receiving:

    • one on one instruction,
    • instruction tailored to specific learning styles and needs,
    • instruction free of competition because students can progress at their own pace.
  • Services

    available for students in K-12 in all subjects

    Enrichment support enables students to practice, master, and stay up to date and ahead of their academic studies.


    This is appropriate for students who have minor difficulties with academics but need additional practice or study skills or are preparing for academic or standardized tests.
    A great way to review for students.

    Homework Help
    available for students in K-12 in all subjects

    Homework help is for the student to complete classroom homework and skills building in alignment with current classroom concepts.

    This is appropriate for students who are struggling in a single subject, and/or who need only assistance with homework completion. A guarantee homework will get done. Students receive additional perspective on the topic, additional tasks and problems to complete in order to enhance learning, and much more.

    Intervention &

    available for students in K-12 in all subjects

    Intervention is the effective for re-teaching of material not previously mastered when it was originally taught.
    This is appropriate for students working below grade level and in need of building basic skills. Student receives individualized learning plans and delivery of information. Materials are chosen specifically for the student’s particular needs.

    Students are assessed before beginning the program and throughout the program to measure growth and retention.

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    Spring Break is in Session!

    Next week our tutorial students are going on spring break and I am sure they are very excited. Truthfully, the tutorial staff is just as excited, if not more! Everyone needs a break; A time to relax, unwind, and reset. Before the students begin their break, the black history reading connection is still in motion. Although Black History month is over, this doesn’t mean the learning ends. We are still incorporating this into the curriculum, to educate, empower, and inspire students. The instructors believe this also helps to open the student’s eyes to a different perspective.

    In addition to spring break, GMAS testing is around the corner. Many students all over Georgia are studying and preparing for this test. This test is very important and a key component for the decision as to whether or not a student matriculates to the next grade. While at the tutoring center, instructors have been ensuring students get in that extra practice time and reviewing content that will be on the test. Nevertheless, this week long break will hopefully help to relax educators and students’ minds a bit as we take a break from our routine school schedules, and simply catch a breeze.

    Some people are going out of town for their vacay, some lounging around the house, while others may be getting in some early spring cleaning. What do you have planned for your spring break?



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