• Math

    We will have to deal with math all of our lives for the rest of  our lives. At Monroe Langston Tutoring Program we strive to teach for understanding of mathematical concepts and procedures, the "why" something works, and not only the "how".

    This understanding, as I am sure you realize, does not always come immediately. It may take more than a minute to grasp a concept. For example, place value is something students understand partially at first, and then their understanding deepens over the years.

    Learning math may start with addition and subtraction, but it eventually evolves into dealing with taxes, loans, credit cards, purchases, budgeting,  and shopping. Students need to be able to handle the math in their lives wisely. All that is required is a good understanding of parts, proportions, and percents.

    Another very important goal of mathematics education as a whole is to enable the student to understand information around us. Being able to read through a math problem and make sense of math concepts require knowing big and small numbers, statistics, probability, and percents.
    We are here to help!

    “Do not worry about your difficulties in Mathematics.
    I can assure you mine are still greater.”
    -Albert Einstein

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