• Math

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    Math is a central part of every life. At the Monroe Langston Tutoring Program, we strive to teach the mathematical concepts and procedures that are crucial for everyday life, while also emphasizing the "why?" something is, and not only the "how?".


    Our goal with our students encompasses the entirety of mathematical education. Being able to read through a math equation and implement learned tactics to solve it is important for us and our students.


    We place immense value on the growth and development of a student's comprehension of mathematical properties, ensuring a deeper understanding over time.


    Math evolves with us over time. Beginning with addition and subtraction at a young age, these skills later evolved into dealing with taxes, loans, credit cards, purchases, and budgeting for future success. All students need a strong handle on math as it relates to their everyday life. Our student's understandings of parts, proportions, and percentages ensure future success into adulthood. We are here to help ensure this success!

    “Do not worry about your difficulties in Mathematics.
    I can assure you mine are still greater.”
    -Albert Einstein