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    As we move into the month of April, things tend to shift a bit inside of students' classrooms with the approach the end of another school year. This year things such as standardized testing will be drastically different from what we are used to seeing. Though
    students may feel relief from not having to participate in standardized testing, they may begin to lack those important test taking skills needed to be successful in the future. To combat this, be sure your student is taking time to answer timed questions and but also at their own pace. The questions can range from reading comprehension all the way to algebra. Once a student reaches high school, even some middle schools, they will need to know how to prepare, take and reflect on tests ranging from the end of chapter test all the way up to the PSA/ASVAB.

    For some, tests will bring about anxiety, and maybe even physical discomfort due to long sitting times. For other students, however, it can boost their confidence and even excite them to learn more about the material they are being tested on. Ultimately, you want to create a student that can comprehend the knowledge you are giving to them while also developing/sharpening their critical thinking skills which will take them places far outside of the classroom. This is a job both educators and parents must team up on to create deliberate success for young minds.




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